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About Us


We believe in marriage. We believe in love. We believe in happily ever after.

Salt + Light Visuals began in 2016 after our owner, Caleb, hesitantly agreed to shoot his first wedding.  Up until that point, his only experience behind the camera was for real estate photography + videography.  I guess you could say it was “love at first sight,” because after that wedding, he was hooked!  He knew that wedding couldn’t be his only one.  Since then, we have had the honor of capturing over 75 weddings, and grown to an entire team of wedding photographers + videographers. Our mission at Salt + Light Visuals is to tell love stories through timeless photography + videography.  We strive to exemplify excellence in everything that we do. 

Meet The Team

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Caleb is the owner of Salt + Light Visuals. He is married to his wife of 8 years, Brittany. Together they have a sassy 5 year old daughter, Emmy and their sweet golden retriever, Reggie.

When Caleb is not filming wedding videos, you can usually find hanging out with his family, eating a pizza, and playing disc golf.

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Daniel was born and raised in Georgia. After graduating from Toccoa Falls College in the north Georgia mountains, he has now found his home by the beach. He and his wife Rachel have two fur babies, and one beautiful little girl. When he is not behind a camera, you can usually find Daniel hanging out with his family, playing disc golf, or pranking the occasional spam callers that call his phone about an extended car warranty.

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Dustin Foster, a Minnesota native moved to Florida to attend the University of West Florida studying in Telecommunications and Film. As a child he had a passion for gymnastics and parkour and would be inspired after watching videos of other people performing similar tricks as him. Enjoying the inspiration of others filming their tricks he decided to take on creating videos of himself doing tricks. Dustin shortly found another passion of his, visual storytelling and being able to spark emotion through creating inspirational videos. Fast forward with 4+ years of professional experience, Dustin excels in video production as an editor, content creator, camera operator and can be the jack of all trades. Dustin is alway eager to learn and willing to take any risk for the shot or the edit to make it better. In his free time he enjoys adventure photography and creating fun visual illusions and researching anything camera or video production related.

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Rachel has been working in the video production industry since 2015, after graduating from UWF with a BA in Telecommunications and Film

She loves being on set and working on varying stages of post production. Some of her projects include the NFL Draft Day 2021, Veterans Flight 2020, and Stronger with Sia (which was a 2021 Addy Award winner).


In her free time, she is a millennial knitter who enjoys baking (macarons are her specialty), and watching every documentary or true crime series that drops on streaming.

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Brittany handles all of the social media, website maintenance, and graphic design for the SLV team. Occasionally you'll find her second shooting or assisting on a wedding day. She has been married to Caleb for 8 years. Together they have the sassiest 5 year daughter, Emmy--and a golden retriever pup named Reginald Fairfield (Reg/Reggie for short.)

When not working behind a computer screen, you can usually find her hanging out with her family, watching reruns of The Office, and traveling to Disney World as often as possible.

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